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Design your dream wedding or bridesmaid dress online for free with the Wedding Dress Creator program.

The Wedding Dress Creator is presented in the area below. The Adobe Flash plugin is required. For optimal results, ensure that your screen can fit the 1000x700 pixel program. Note that the Print function makes use of your local printer settings so consult your printer documentation for quality and orientation output. The "Save JPG" function opens a system prompt allowing you to designate a save location for the generated file to your local hard drive. You can then email the resulting JPG file to a friend or post to our Facebook wall.

Direct any comments and suggestions to "weddingdresscreator at gmail dot com".

Please be patient. The Wedding Dress Creator program will load in the space below in browsers that support the Adobe Flash Player (download speed is dependent upon your local internet service). File size is 4.72MB. The file will need to be downloaded again if/when you clear your browser history. Enjoy!

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